Information about the CloutPool project, BitClout, and mining in general.

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CloutPool works on a series of innovative technologies centered around mining for and supporting the BitClout ecosystem. They are a third party project not directly tied to or affiliated with the development team behind BitClout.

This guide is being created to provide insights regarding the mining process, software setup, and different configurations so that you are able to get started much quicker. Currently this guide is experimental, but shall be updated as time progresses.

Insights such as

  1. Software needed
  2. Setting up a mining node
  3. The configurations to a mining pool
  4. Entry level details on setting up a mining pool
  5. Potential software configurations and integrations

What is meant by the above, is that this guide is supposed to work (at the very least), as an intro for those looking to get started with mining or running a pool. This will not just introduce others to BitClout mining in general, but also on how to run a high performance mining pool for the BitClout ecosystem. As of now, this guide is experimental.